Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Post - poet Fida Islaih

Today, I'm glad to have writer and poet Fida Islaih on the blog to talk about her writing journey and her campaign to publish a collection of poetry. Fida, take it away.
Hello readers!

It makes me happy to reach out to you and thank you, Yelena, for having me on your blog. 

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but I didn't get serious until I was in middle school. I have a drawer full of unedited stories. 

I was first into writing poetry. One day in class, we had a poetry project. I enjoyed it so much, I wrote extra poems for it. After that I continued writing .

When read Does My Head Look Big in This by Randa Abdel-Fattah, it inspired me to write a similar story. A few months later, I gave it a major rewrite. This inspired me to put all the good and bad experiences of my life into different stories I wanted to write. I could make the MC do what I couldn't do. It made me feel better in so many ways. 

I'm hoping to self publish my poetry in the next few months and years. I might self publish my novellas, too, or work on making them full novels that I'd be able to query to agents. I know a few are interested in the concepts, but like I said, I have to work on length. 

I've been writing poetry for awhile and I get easily inspired by everything, especially my own experiences and nature. I have more than enough for a collection. 

Recently I participated in the A to Z Challenge and saw that some of the previous participants self published their posts. I thought I should do the same. I also thought 26 poems isn't enough, so I decided to put in 100 poems, which I'm happy to say I did. Right now I'm crowdfunding the collection so that I could get help monetary and professionally for self publishing it. 

I hope you guys are willing to join in. You can find the synopsis, excerpt, and place to donate at

Fida is a multicultural Muslim poet and you can finding more about her as a writer, as well as her projects at


  1. Hi Fida, it's great to see you doing guest posts! I've enjoyed your poetry for some time now and I love that you're starting to get more exposure. Best to you!

  2. Very interesting thank you for sharing :)


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