Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Art & History Feature - European Castles

I'm fascinated with ancient castles and palaces, and Western Europe is ripe with them. Here are some of my favorite castles (most of which I'm yet to visit).

Chateau de Chambord in Loire Valley

Chateau la Rochefoucauld

Chateau de Chenonceau in Loire Valley


Castello di Soave in Verona

Fenis Castle in Aosta Valley

Castel Sant'angelo in Rome, which I had the pleasure of seeing


Coca castle in Segovia

Alcazar Castle in Segovia

Castillo de Loarre


Bodiam Castle

Alnwick Castle

Herstmonceux Castle

Windsor Castle


Burnratty Castle

Blarney Castle

Dublin Castle

Kilkenny Castle

This is just a very small sampling of the unbelievable number of beautiful castles located in Western Europe.

Do you like castles? Which ones are your favorite?

1 comment:

  1. I've been to Alnwick and that place and the surrounding grounds are super gorgeous. I like all the castles, but my favorite picture is Alcazar Castle. If I was going to build a castle, I would want it to look something like that. ^_^


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