Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost Girl

Cast of Lost Girl*
As an urban fantasy and paranormal romance writer, I'm always in search of new interesting TV shows with supernatural elements.  Recently, I discovered (for myself, since it's already in its 3rd season) Lost Girl. It's currently running on SyFy channel, but I started with season 1 on Netflix.

The show's main heroine, Bo, is a succubus. For years, she didn't know who, or what she is (hence the "lost" girl). She doesn't know who her parents are and since high school she has been feeding on sexual energies and leaving bodies in her wake because she didn't know how to control the hunger. In the beginning of the show, she finds out that there is a whole world of fae living within, but hiding from, the human world. There are Light and Dark fae and there are all kinds of them. All of the fae have to be allied with one side or the other, so when she's "found", she is expected to choose a side. However, she decides that she is not going to do that, at least not until she knows more. All kinds of danger ensues from this decision. And Bo is a kick-ass heroine, of course.

Bo and Kenzi*
Bo's sidekick becomes a girl that she rescued from a would-be rapist, a spunky and smart-mouthed thief by the name of Kenzi. They quickly form a strong friendship and partner up to run a detective/private eye agency where most of their cases are the wacky non-human kind. Along the way, Bo also searches for information about her parents, particularly her mother who might be alive.

Bo also forms a relationship with a were-wolf fae, Dyson, who works as a detective in police, which gives him access to be at crime scenes of supernatural nature and do any kind of clean-up necessary for fae's survival, or to keep their secret safe. Bo often comes to him for "healing" after she gets injured on the job - since this involves getting hot and heavy, there are quiet a few scenes. At this point, though, they are keeping their relationship more on a "friends-with-benefits" level, though both seems to care about each other. I'm sure this relationship is going to change and evolve by the time I get to the 3rd season.
Bo is caught between Lauren and Dyson*
 Bo's relationship with Dyson is also complicated by the attraction between herself and a human doctor, Lauren, who's in fae's employ. Sort of. That relationship is also steamy, especially when it gets physical.

All in all, I'm enjoying the show so far. I like that they use all kinds of supernatural creatures, so I'm learning about new ones that I haven't even heard of yet. The show is fun, spirited, with lots of humor and pretty people. I'm looking forward to catching up to season 3.

*Disclaimer: All images are the property of and copyrighted by Prodigy Pictures, Shaw Media, SyFy channel and their affiliates.


  1. I've watched a few episodes but I'm not totally hooked yet. It's starting to pull me in though!

    1. You know, that's how I felt, too. The few couple of episodes of the first season were a bit campy, and a bit weak, I think. But now I think I'm hooked :)


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