Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writer Wednesday Flash Fiction - Writer Campaign 2nd Challenge and General Updates

Please check out the flash fiction written earlier this week for the Writer's Campaign 2nd challenge here.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd update you on my projects, etc..

I've joined the WIP March Madness and listed my goals as follows:

1) Write for half an hour every night, even after karate training, no matter how tired.
So far I've been able to do this for about half of the March days that passed. Working on making it an
every day thing.
2) Write during lunch (that is when my work load allows me to take a full lunch, which lately it doesn't
So far I've used three of my lunches during March to write, which is better than in the previous few moths.
3) Write and schedule blog posts the day before.
I've been fairly successful in doing this, although there were a couple of blogs in the past two weeks that I wrote the day of.

In other news:
1) I have submitted one of my flash fiction stories to a contest.
2) I am completely re-working my WIP and will probably end up scrapping that 4 chapters I already wrote and re-writing them. Right now I'm doing a lot of brainstorming and putting ideas on paper so I can then review all of the ideas and chose the best.
3) Started hashing out ideas of a "secret project" with my writing partner Tina Moss.

This is for my writing partner, Tina Moss, because she has a corgi :)

And just to make March more interesting, I'm training hard to test for my 2nd degree black belt in the near future. Yep, March is going to be fun.


  1. You're going to rock your test. Love the pics! And yay...secret project. So secret that even we don't know about it - yet. LOL.

    1. Hahaha That's the ultimate kind of "secret", don't you know? :D


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