Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writer Wednesday Flash Fiction - The Decision

Derek slowly raised the gun in his hand and fired at the target. Once, twice, three times. The shots were ringing out faster, sharper. Derek’s face was calm, collected but Livia knew better. His close friend was just murdered, in cold blood, and Derek wasn’t pulling any punches to find and bring the killer to justice. His way. Not that Livia wouldn’t do the same.
Living in a world changed forever by the crash of the civilized society tended to change ones views on justice as well. Derek, the leader of their survivalist group and Livia’s lover, raised his eyes once the last bullet hit the target’s bulls eye. There was not a hint of doubt in them, only will.
“Are you sure you can do this?” Livia touched his arm. “This kid is probably not out of his teen years yet.”
Derek pulled away as if electrocuted by her touch. Livia’s eyes darkened with hurt.
“It’s us against them, Livia.” Derek sounded tired. He sighed. “This kid, as you call him, killed a man not to protect himself, not to protect his family. He did it for fun, Livia. We can’t allow people like that to walk the world. Next, it might be you they hunt for fun.”
He touched her stomach gently, still soft but visibly growing. “We have to make a better world for us now. At the very least, we need to survive and give our child a chance.”
Livia looked away, and then back at her stomach. Everything Derek said was true. But she knew the consequences. He was a good man. Killing a kid will haunt him. He should not have this on his consciousness, she thought as she reached up and kissed him tenderly. She could not let him do that.
           Livia left Derek at his target practice, throwing a quick glance behind her. His consciousness would remain clear. Hers could take a few hits. She pulled a gun from her backpack and walked into the night.


  1. I like the way this could be happening in a number of environments, yet the picture you chose gave me visions of what these two people would look like and wear. You also were able to make very large statements about the scenario with very few words to descibe it.

  2. Nice job. And with Walking Dead in my mind, this fits perfectly. :)

  3. I really enjoyed this, great world-building.


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