Friday, December 30, 2011

Florida Vacation

Hubby and I in Epcot, Disney
  Hubby and I just came back from a week long vacation in Florida. We needed a change of scenary and  a break. We stayed with Tommy's father near Tampa for a few days and then spent a couple of days in Disney. Last day was in Epcot.
The temperature was perfect - 80's, then 70's (although the last few days it got down into the 40's in the morning and evening). While at my father-in-law's, I relaxed by the pool and wrote. I haven't felt this relaxed and stress free in quiet a while and my productivity was up. I wrote more in three days than I wrote in the last couple of weeks. I guess that is the key for the muse to find me - I have to be in a relaxed dreamy state, and preferrably somewhere warm. Until I can be in that state constantly (ha ha, I made myself laugh), I have to find ways to attract the muse more consistently and up my creativity in the every day life. That should be a fun challenge for the new year.


  1. A fun challenge indeed! Attracting one's muse can be tough at times. Hopefully you'll make the trip in May/June though and your muse will be inspired enough to stick with you all year!

  2. Welcome back! Oooh, how I envy the warmth down South. Winter sucks.


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