Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update on WIPs

NaBloPoMo #13

I've been pretty sick all weekend and with everything else going on, haven't had much time to write for the blog. So instead, I thought today I just provide you with a brief update on WIPs.

I'm glad to say that Tina Moss and I are heavy into our second book together (the 2nd book in the Key Series). It's turning out to be a complicated and fun book to write.

I am also working on my individual project, an urban fantasy novel with a working title of the Ariana Chronicles (a very working title as I'm figuring out the real title). I'm a few chapters in but I'm  also doing a lot of research for the book, which is a lot of fun but quiet time-consuming.

I'm also doing research on writing short stories and will be diving into writing one soon. More on that to come.

So that's a small update on what I'm working on currently.


  1. Agree with Robecca. Keep rolling along. And we'll get together this weekend to work some more. :D


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