Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pen vs. Computer Writing

NaBloPoMo Post #5
The pen is mightier than the sword. But the computer might be mightier still.
In retrospect, it took me by surprise that I now prefer to write on computer nowadays rather than on paper. Up to a few years ago, I loved filling pages and pages with the ink in my scribble. It felt good to run my hand over those pages and feel the clean dark rows of ink indentations. It was exciting even.
I've also loved stationary all my life. All kinds of stationary. I remember visiting my grandma's job and leaving with a load of pens and little notebooks that her co-workers would give to me. Shopping for back to school used to be my favorite kind of shopping because I would get to pick out fun new folders and buy lined paper.
But now I barely write on paper. I might take notes here and there if I'm in transit or somewhere the computer is not accessible. It might be because I work with computers all day long and it's more of a habit now. It might be that the words on the computer screen come out nice and clean, and I don't have to try to figure out what my own hand wrote a day ago. And if I have to correct something, it won't get messier because I have to cross something out and write over it. I'll just delete it off the page and write new words in its place. It might also be that I type over 70 wpm and it's just faster. Whatever it is, writing on the computer is definitely my preferred method of writing today.
Then again, I never thought I would be able to not read books that weren't on paper. And here I am, happily reading books on my Nook more and more. I still love the feel of a paper book in my hands. I still love to buy new notebooks from time to time. But reality is, I have adjusted to the electronic versions quiet well.


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