Friday, October 28, 2011

International Urban Fantasy Month

What can be cooler than Urban Fantasy Month? Why, an Urban Fantasy Month Contest, of course! The props for this awesome idea go to Jaye Wells and you can find her original post on it right here! I’m just sorry I didn’t see it earlier.

The rules of the contest are writing a love letter to urban fantasy and posting it on your own blog (linking it back to the original Jaye Wells post) or writing it the comments of the original post if you don’t have a blog. In this love letter you can talk about your why you love the genre, your favorite Urban Fantasy books and characters, or even trying your hand at a haiku (which I’m not brave enough to do).

So here’s my little love letter to Urban Fantasy:

I love dark gritty Urban Fantasy with strong kick-ass flawed heroes, both male and female, who bite, shift, do magic or just kick ass extra superbly. Urban Fantasy lets me escape the mundane and transports me into the worlds where anything is possible, where major obstacles are only the beginning of adventure and where the girls getting the guy is as important as the other way around. I love Urban Fantasy that doesn’t shy away from hard issues, violence or, of course, sex. Martial Arts are a definite bonus for me personally. I have been reading urban fantasy for years and will happily continue to inhale it in the years to come. Urban Fantasy was also what gave me the courage to start writing myself and remains my writing focus still. So Urban Fantasy, thank you and I love you!

Don’t forget to enter and show your love! And check out a few of my favorite urban fantasy writers:

Jeniene Frost
Keri Arthur

Patricia Briggs


  1. Awesome love letter! I especially like "kick ass extra superbly". :D

  2. Haha thought you'd like that one, Tee! :D


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