Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wonderful News - Signed with Agent!

Today, I’m extremely happy to share some wonderful news with you. I can barely sit still, I’m so excited! Ok, ok, I won’t keep you waiting any longer…my awesome writing partner Tina Moss and I just accepted representation from the Literary Council, led by the agent team of Frances Black and Jennifer Mishler! (Ok, give me a second, I have to squeee just one more time…ok, I’m good now).  Fran and Jennifer blew us away with their enthusiasm and zeal about working with us.

There’s much work ahead but this is a major step for us on the road to getting published. We’re looking forward to working with Fran and Jennifer and we’re hyped to start working on our next book.

We appreciate everyone’s support and to celebrate our news, we’re both doing a giveaway – a $10 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. All you have to do to enter my giveaway is leave a comment below. for extra points, follow the instruction below . If you do any of these, please tell me in the comment exactly what you did, and include your email. I will contact the winner next week. Check out Tina’s post and giveaway here.


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for both of you. Here's wishing you a mountain of success with your agents!

  2. Congratulations and wishes for continued good fortune! I've subscribed to your blog. Looking forward to reading future entries.

  3. Hi Michael, thank you for entering and subscribing to the blog.

  4. Congratulations!! We want to know EVERYTHING about the process and see the query and hear about the phone call of course and and and... :)

  5. Thank you Sophia! For now, my writing partner has a post on her blog about the process, but I will post something soon as well!
    Here's the link to Tina's post:


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