Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plans for the year ahead

It's 2011 out there and I had a couple of weeks to think about what I want to accomplish this year. So far this year (or at least this month) has been fairly productive and I hope to keep my enthusiasm and productivity for the rest of the year. Sometimes it's so much easier to give up (especially after the rough year that just passed) but it's so much more fun to push forward!

As of yesterday, my writing partner Tina Moss and myself have finilized the revision of our manuscript and have sent out more queries. Although editing and revising is never easy and usually is not a favorite activity of most writers, this time I actually found it enjoyable. Perhaps that is because I love to see how the story is smoothed out and made better by the revisions. Having said that, sometimes you want to bang your head against the wall during this process.

But now it's time to step away and concentrate on other projects, one of which is continuing our work on the manuscript of book 2 in the series. I'm also in the concept stage of figuring out my project on an urban fantasy invovling martial arts (my other favorite activity besides writing).

Speaking of martial arts, the women's classes I teach at our dojo (karate school) have been fun planning and executing lately. But I also have to concentrate on getting back to my own training heavy duty and maybe start thinking of getting ready for my second degree black belt...(Oooo, did I just say that? *Scampers back into a corner and hides face from the amount of work this entails*)

So on with the new year and may it be a productive one!

What are your goals for this year?

P.S. RIP Captain Kirk!   

You were an amazing cat!


  1. Ahh...Sorry to hear of your cat...your site is very nice.

  2. Thank you June! Your cat is beautiful.

  3. Hi there! So, one of my goals (*ahem*) or now inspired by you goal is a blog. I know, I know. I said heck no to blogging. But, I suddenly got the urge this morning to reach out to people about an issue that was bugging me. Hence the blog.

    Another goal for 2011 - land an agent. I think we can do it. :)


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